Would you like to speak at our conference?

We have prepared a special opportunity for you. If being a panelist at a conference is something you’ve always dreamed of, keep reading as this is your chance.

Green economy congress is opening a competition for guest panelists who would like to present their projects live during the congress. If you have a research relevant to the main theme of the congress and you would like to present it in front of international auditorium, do not miss a chance and apply. Academic background of the applicant will not be the main criteria for selection.

By being a guest speaker at a conference can certainly be very beneficial for your future studies and your CV. It is an efficient way of establishing your own brand. At this point, it is probably smart to start polishing up your speaking skills!

How can you take part?

In order to enter GEC panelist competition, you first need to apply for the conference and get accepted for participation. Once accepted, you'll need to send a 500-word abstract of your research on the chosen topic to office@greeneconomycongress.com. Don’t forget to also attach a copy of your CV. 

When emailing us, the subject of an email should be “GEC Panelist Competition.” The deadline for submissions is October 15th. Winner will be announced on October 20th.

Good Luck!